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This documentation page is a work in progress!

PurplShip is a system for connecting multiple supply chain carriers API.

In addition to providing a unified and simplified interface across logistics carriers APIs, PurplShip offers a framework to facilitate the full access of advanced and specific carriers capabilities while simplifying the addition of new carrier APIs.

With PurplShip you can:

  • Integrate multiple carriers web services: DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, Canada Post and more with ease
  • Use a modern and intuitive, unified API across carriers

The library is the foundation of a framework that streamline the integration for any shipping carrier.


PurplShip is has several modules

  • purplship.package

Dedicated to carriers courier and package services integration.

  • purplship.freight (Currently in development)

Dedicated to carriers Freight (LTL, FTL...) services integration.

  • purplship.document (On the Roadmap)

Dedicated to carriers document services (BOL, Procurements...) integration.

Getting Started with PurplShip Package


pip install -f purplship.package==2020.4.1

Quick Start

import purplship.package as api

canadapost = api.gateway["canadapost"].create(
        "username": "site_id",
        "password": "password",
        "customer_number": "123456789",
        "carrier_name": "canadapost_express_test",
        "test": True

request = api.rating.fetch({
    "shipper": {
        "postalCode": "V6M2V9",
        "city": "Vancouver",
        "countryCode": "CA",
        "stateCode": "BC",
        "addressLine1": "5840 Oak St"
    "recipient": {
        "postalCode": "E1C4Z8",
        "city": "Moncton",
        "countryCode": "CA",
        "stateCode": "NB",
        "residential": False,
        "addressLine1": "125 Church St"
    "parcel": {"height": 3.0, "length": 6.0, "width": 3.0, "weight": 0.5},
    "services": ["canadapost_priority"]

rates = request.from_(canadapost).parse()
from purplship.core.utils import to_dict

        "baseCharge": 101.83,
        "carrier": "canadapost",
        "carrierName": "CanadaPost",
        "currency": "CAD",
        "discount": -3.63,
        "dutiesAndTaxes": 14.73,
        "estimatedDelivery": "2020-05-06",
        "extraCharges": [
            "amount": 8.11,
            "currency": "CAD",
            "name": "Fuel surcharge"
            "amount": -11.74,
            "currency": "CAD",
            "name": "SMB Savings"
        "id": "da75bd1d-caf6-4e1a-8362-7e6e3e7e75d8",
        "service": "canadapost_priority",
        "totalCharge": 112.93